About us

Jay International Immigration Inc., a leading immigration consulting company, has been incorporated in province of Ontario, Canada.

 DrJagmohan Sangha, the Director of Jay International Immigration Inc. is an Oath Commissioner for taking affidavits in Ontario and he is Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant duly licensed by Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.

 Jay International Immigration Inc. provides you world class immigration and consulting services. We’re a group of highly motivated experienced professionals who want to work with you to make your application process smooth and hassle free. Immigration is one of the major decisions of your life. We will assist you to make sure that your application is processed in a professional and friendly manner

We work with you closely and take you through the entire process from initial application till visa is issued and also liaise with Immigration department on your behalf.

We make sure that your application is prepared in accordance with all the legal requirements under Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. We also suggest alternatives if you do not have a particular document.

​1. Preliminary Assessment: Each case is considered confidentially and we assess strengths and weaknesses of each individual and then suggest the best option available.

2. File Preparation:We provide a list of documents Canada Immigration requires for your case, and prepare your application accordingly. We review all your documents to ensure consistency, and validate these against each section on your application form to ensure adequacy and accuracy. Failure to meet these basic but critical requirements is a major cause of processing delays.

3. Additional Evidence: Enclosures are the life-line of any case. We believe in going above and beyond for all our clients. In addition to doing all file work we also consider what other evidence you can submit to the Visa office to improve your chances. This may include additional references, company brochures, web-based research and any other documentation to help your application.

4. Submission letter:We lay tremendous emphasis and attach importance on submission letters.We, at Jay International Immigration Inc. prepare a submission letter to Canada Immigration with your application and documents, outlining the legal basis for your case. Here we clearly point out the relevant sections of Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and regulations etc. It is very important to highlight in the submission letter, those one or two paragraphs in a long document that make it very clear to the Visa officer that you qualify. Our submission letter also takes care of any previous refusals etc. since we state that upfront and explain the change in circumstances.

5. Change in Circumstances and application follow up:Once submitted, we will remain on top of your file and report changes, if any and also follow up on progress with Canada Immigration while your file is under process. If any further evidence is sought by them at any point, we coordinateon your behalf on going basis.

​6. Handling Delays and Resolving Issues:If the progress on application appears to be slow, or if there is a credible doubt that something may not be going in the right direction; we promptly order a disclosure on your behalf if you wish so. We review the Immigration Officer's notes on your file using our authority under the Access to Information Act. If there are any issues or concerns that need to be dealt with, we can prepare responses, sometimes even before the Visa Officer seeks more evidence.This helps us in removing your hurdles and achieving your goal.

​7. Interview Preparation:We specialize in interview preparations at Jay International Immigration Inc. So that if you ever need to go for a personal interview, we’ve got you covered and well prepared.

Among other interview check lists, we will work with you on the following:

  • Review and go through with you all additional documents requested by the Visa Officer
  • Prepare you on what other evidence may help your case
  • Prepare you on what to expect at the interview
  • Prepare you on what questions you are likely to be asked
  • Prepare you on how to deal with any surprises during the interview

Most importantly, we will prepare you on how to effectively manage your interview process and confidently complete this step of the process.

8. Interview Follow Up:We provide you with robust post interview support on the Visa Officer’s decision, which may be one of the following:

  • You Pass: We will carry on assisting you to successfully close any remaining steps
  • You Fail: We’ll discuss with you options and help plan further steps
  • Further Information Needed: we will work with you to prepare and submit the requested info

9. Visa Insurance and Visa Checks : Once your visas have been issues, we will check it for accuracy of the printed information as well advice you regarding some important points to consider.

Note: if a name or birth date is wrong, this may pose problems when you try to enter Canada

We check all client Visas to ensure:

  • Individual personal details are correct
  • Name spellings are correct
  • Date of birth is correct

​10. Visa Expiry and Change of Circumstances:Once Visa is issued there may be some time before you enter into Canada. Or that from the time of visa issuance to your planned entry date into the country you may experience certain change of circumstances. We will advise you on these aspects to make informed choices and rule out any issues on actual landing.

We will advise you on Visa expiry date and double check that you have acknowledged it.

Note:  It is essential that you enter in Canada before the Visa expiry date, or you may have to apply all over again

We will also advise you on how to go about any material change of circumstances. For instance, any change in marital status or addition of a family member.

Note: If you have a baby after you apply and before you land in Canada, you must have a visa issued for the baby, or else you could jeopardize the validity of all of the visas

​11. Landing Advice:Jay International Immigration Inc. provides you with all the practical advice you need to make your entry into Canada .  Although we cover wide range of topics and tips, but feel free to contact us if you have questions.

​12. Visa Refusal, Appeals and Litigation:Due to any reason, if Visa Officer decides

to refuse your case. At Jay International Immigration Inc., we understand how stressful and difficult this situation can be to deal with. No matter what the difficulty maybe, we like to go the extra mile for you when it matters the most.

We work directly where we can, or we can liaise on your behalf with right kind of support you need in case of a refusal, to help prepare you for appeals and litigation. In doubt, always ask and our helpful staff will be more than happy to assist.

We can help you in many ways including but not limited to the following:

  • Application Review: Where applicable we’ll request a review of the Visa officer's decision by another officer, usually the manager of the visa office
  • Appeals: Assist you to appeal your case with Immigration & Refugee Board (IRB).
  • Litigation: Assist you in hiring an immigration Lawyer who can appeal your case in the Federal Court for Judicial Review.

​13. Criminal Inadmissibility:In cases where applicant or their dependents may have had any criminal conviction, there is likelihood that such applications would be disqualified. Sometimes, even being suspected of criminal activities may make you inadmissible.

We can review your situation on the basis of all supplied information to see if you can be eligible to apply through Rehabilitation. We may be able to help you with such application, which if successful, would allow you to immigrate.