As a Self-employed person, you must have relevant experience in cultural activities, athletics or farm management. You must also have the intention and ability to establish a business that will, at a minimum, create an employment opportunity for yourself. You must make a significant contribution to cultural activities or athletics or purchase and manage a farm in Canada.

Conditions of permanent residence are not imposed on Self Employed persons. You must have enough money to support yourself and your family members after you arrive in Canada.

“Self-employed person” means a foreign national who has relevant experience and has the intention and ability to be Self Employed in Canada and to make a significant contribution to specified economic activities in Canada

​”Relevant experience” means in respect of a Self-employed person, at least two years of one of the following types of experience in the period beginning five years before the date of application for a permanent resident visa and ending on the day a determination is made in respect of the application, namely:

a) Self-employment in cultural activities or in athletics
b) Participation at a world-class level in cultural activities or athletics
c) Farm management experience

“Specified economic activities” means in respect of a Self-employed person means cultural activities, athletics or the purchase and management of a farm.